A Message from the Director…

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time out to visit our site. The mission of RALC is to educate business professionals about the growing opportunities when combining Single Family Homes with the the Senior Care Industry and to provide support through training and consulting. Initially, I came into this discovery as a Real Estate Investor while volunteering within the Assisted Living Community. From there I designed the RALC Business Model that has allowed me to scale up and see tremendous profits while being housed under a single footprint. For half a decade I have been training and consulting with more than 100 like minded individuals as yourself.

If you are someone who enjoys helping others and looking for a path to financial freedom, then this is the business for you. Invest in yourself and learn how you can make $5,000+ per month minimum converting a Single Family Home into a Residential Assisted Living Facility.

Each one teach one… let me show you how!

Best Regards,

A. Givens


       Get To Know Me..

  • Director/Certified Trainer RALC
  • President of HARCH (The Houston Association of  Senior Living &  Residential Care Homes)
  • 10 Years Certified Assisted Living/Senior Care Business Consultant
  • 10 Years Assisted Living Administrator (Type A & B Facilities)
  • Real Estate Investor
  • Author of "The Residential Assisted Living Facility: A New Business Model"
  • MS Computer Information Technology/(Focus: E-commerce Engineering, Project Management
    & Business Solutions)
  • 10+ Years as An Advisory Consultant with Fortune 500- Generating Millions Annually
  • Business Leader (Education, Collaboration, Training, & Growth)